Kart Team

The Argenti kart team has asserted itself as one of the UK’s top karting teams, becoming leaders in both the IAME and Rotax series in British, European and World Championships.

Drawing from years of experience, the team work together to ensure our young drivers feel supported and have opportunities to develop in order to grow their racing career. As a team, we look to continually improve and strive for each of our drivers to achieve the best of their abilities, and offer driver coaching to all members from previous British and European championship winners.

The Argenti Kart team support drivers in all of the IAME and Rotax classes with our team taking part in multiple British & European championships during the racing season, including the British Kart Championship, Ultimate Karting Championship and the one-off Kartmasters GP to name a few, as well as several club events taking place throughout the year.

Many of the world’s greatest drivers began their racing careers in karting, and going on to race in a plethora of discplines from the World Endurance Championship to Formula 1. We can appreciate how challenging this first step can be, but with the expertise of our team we aim to support and prepare these young drivers for what can be a sometimes a challenging but incredibly rewarding journey.

Karting is the start for all aspiring drivers. Argenti want to use best practices for car racing to give drivers as much information as possible to help them develop. Making karting a more data driven sport will allow drivers to be more prepared for the step up to cars. Every single member of staff has a specialist background in motorsport, some winning world and British championship titles themselves helping to maximise our knowledge to create a supportive and progressive team.

As of July 2022 the Argenti Kart team will be the main Kart Republic and FA kart importer. Click here to find out more.

Current Drivers

Alex Duncan

Fav’ Circuit: Warden Law

Gabriel Cullen

Fav’ Circuit: Rowrah

Alex Zingarevich

Fav’ Circuit: Clay Pigeon

Louis Harvey

Fav’ Circuit: GYG

Ewan Charman

Fav’ Circuit: Warden Law

Aras Majauskis

Fav’ Circuit: Warden Law

Thomas Spearing

Fav’ Circuit: Warden Law

Aditya Kulkarni

Fav’ Circuit: GYG

Joshua Graham

Fav’ Circuit: Rowrah

Harrison Whitticombe

Fav’ Circuit: Warden Law

Former Drivers

Daniel Guinchard

Fav’ circuit: Rowrah

Sam Hawthorne

Fav’ Circuit: GYG

Morgan Porter

Fav’ Circuit: GYG

Olli Meadows